Years ago it became clear to me that CNN had a liberal bias.  But they were owned by Ted Turner and I expected his warped political view to infect their behavior.  When they were bought out by you, not much changed, and for a long time I just let things be.  But now, they have gone too far.

In the wikileaks dump last week it was made clear that both Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper were preparing for interviews with Donald Trump by soliciting questions from the DNC.  This is outrageous bias and election tampering.  In a news organization worried about its credibility, these two men would have been fired the next day.  But they were not.  Even Donna Brazille was not fired, she was allowed to resign.

These facts indicate that you support this bias.  Therefore, I am ending my boycott of CNN and beginning a boycott of Time Warner.

You are quite the conglomerate–have your fingers everywhere.  Well, you’ll no longer have box office revenue from me.  You’ll no longer have book sales from me.  Music sales, television viewership, HBO premiums, cable payments.  Nothing.

And in this day of  social media, I don’t need CNN to report on a boycott to help it gain steam.

Goodbye, forever.