The Daily Mail may not know it, but they just reported that the global warming models, which we were told could accurately predict climate decades in the future, are fataly flawed. Check it out

Did you see it? Natural variability was not accounted for.

Now remember, when the hysteria started, they called it ‘Global Warming’. And their models showed warming.

Then the warming didn’t show up and they resolved this problem by changing the name to ‘Climate Change’.

And always the models were showing change it was all our fault. AGW — Anthropogenic Global Warming. or ACC — Anthropogenic Climate Change. But always Anthropogenic.

Well here’s the deal. The Earth is a closed system and any pendulum swing away from stasis will provoke a response that moves back towards stasis. Thus, ice ages from long before the Hummer was invented managed to end and return the planet to warmer times. And likewise, too-warm times will swing back towards center.

But none of the models take natural variability into account. They take warming/change and human culpability as assumptions, and present them as findings. In the world of simulation, it’s like flipping a two headed coin. You always get heads and you can crow about it all day. But if one of those heads had a mar on it, you could see the charade for what it is.

Thank you to the Daily Mail for letting us see the coin. This game was rigged, and now it should be over