A new article from the Daily Mail reports that little volcanic eruptions have been cooling the Earth. Of course the point of this study was not nifty things volcanos do, it was to find the heat that ‘scientists’ are quite certain global warming has created. The answer is global warming is real, it’s just been the measurements that are wrong. So let’s see how they spin volcanoes as cooling the planet.

Headline: Volcanoes ARE cooling the earth (emphasis theirs)

One line lower: Volcanoes may have cooled the earth…

In fact, there are 4 ‘could’s and 7 ‘may’s in the article, yet conclusions are stated as certainties.

Headline to Orange Box: Global warming hasn’t stopped, the heat is just hiding

2 lines up before first picture (and before the orange box): …droplets of sulphur-rich aerosols spewed into the upper atmosphere by volcanoes have been reflecting sunlight away from the Earth.

Note that reflecting sunlight away is one proposed method of ‘solving’ global warming. If the heat is reflected away, the planet cools. Hint for the orange box: that heat isn’t hiding, it’s gone. Never to return. Even if/when you realize your global warming hysteria is baseless.

This article was written by one Richard Gray for the Daily Mail.

My comment, were I registered to post on their site:
My Kingdom for someone who understands science. Richard Gray need not apply.