Protests erupted this week when Dropbox announced it was adding Condi Rice to its Board.

She’s been a professor at Stanford, head of the NSA, and Secretary of State. She is a wonderful role model for black women. She’s a wonderful role model for women. She’s a wonderful role model for blacks. She’s a wonderful role model for anyone.

But the left hates her and would like to drive her out of public life, burning a flaming scarlet letter B on her. Why? Because she worked in the Bush Administration, and Bush Derangement Syndrome lives strong, still 6 years beyond the time he left office.

This is the Politics of Personal Destruction that Hillary defined and decried in the mid-90’s. Of course, the unspoken end of her sentence was ‘when it’s directed at us.’ Because even as she said it she was participating in the destruction of her own foes.

If a conservative group were to pillory a black woman, their complaints, no matter how valid, would be dismissed with claims that the group is racist. In fact, remove the ‘if’ in that statement. Every complaint against President Obama has been dismissed with accusations of racism aimed at the speaker. Way to end racial tension in the country, dude. Oh, that wasn’t actually your goal, was it?

This is the primary weapon the tolerant left uses to silence anyone whose voice they don’t want heard. It is a bludgeoning, bullying tyranny.

Will you succumb?

Or will you risk wearing a Scarlet Letter?