I saw this post this morning. People over-using skin cleaners and developing rashes.

We’ve become a nation paranoid of encountering a germ. Our cleansers shout that they kill 99.9% of germs. Of course, if you know math, that means that for every 1000 germs, one survives. The strong one. And then, you inevitably wander into it, touching or eating it. And your immune system has to fight the Bluto of the crew, before getting a chance to build up immunity by meeting the Pee Wee Herman of the crew.

And worse, we lug around big jars of hand sanitizer, and are encouraged to bathe in it before…everything. Especially before eating.

Wow. So to avoid ingesting a germ, we are encouraged to dip our hands in this chemical soup and then, guess what, eat some of that.

How about I pour you a double-shot of the stuff and you knock that back before dinner?

Me, I’d rather meet a handful of stray germs in a dark alley than ingest any of that noxious stuff. But you go right ahead.