It is a risk any time you mock a politician. That at some point in the future a politician you support will make the same kind of gaffe, and you will have to decide whether to
a) roast your guy/gal
b) ignore it, sacrificing your integrity
c) pretend you didn’t hear the new gaffe

Back during the years of Bush ’41, Dan Quayle made his famous potatoe spelling gaffe. He took somewhat universal derision. Television shows of the era got in on the act–I particularly remember an episode of Murphy Brown where the title character had a dump-truck full of potatoes dropped at the VP’s residence.

Well, it’s payback time. Picture a President, a black President (yes, I use the word black, no I do not use it in a derogatory tone)….a black President, introducing Aretha Franklin. What is the one word that that President should really be absolutely certain they know how to spell.

You guessed it.

Now, every democrat/liberal who ever laughed at the potatoe thing, make your choice. Party loyalty, or keeping your integrity. What will it be?

Ah, option c. As always.