Are you panicked yet?

Here’s a ‘science’ article from the LA Times last week.,0,2765136.story#axzz2uaGh4oOp

If I may summarize:
It is taken for granted that the planet will warm (ignoring the fact that predictions of warming-to-date don’t match actual observed temperatures)
It is taken for granted that increased temperatures mean increased crime, and focuses on the most dire crimes.
And then tells us of the myriad murders and rapes and billions of dollars of cost to be incurred all because of global warming.

Is there anything global warming can’t do? To hear these buffoons hysteria, we’d be in shangri-la right now if just we weren’t super-heating our homeland.

So, obviously, the proper response is to spend trillions, bankrupting our children and grandchildren. All to assure, hopefully, that the climate for the near future stays relatively similar to what it was when we first started keeping records of it.

Because, clearly, that’s the only proper weather allowed on this planet. Everything else is just wrong.