I’ve been watching the Olympics a lot this year, and in the early days there’s been lots of coverage of women’s skiing and snowboarding. I can’t help but notice that every single one of these women is downright gorgeous.

Now, the standard line of thought these days is that beautiful women are successful because they are beautiful. They’ve won the lottery, if you will. They get anything they want, from the ‘best’ men, to jobs, promotions, etc.

But the Olympic standard is precisely the opposite. You don’t just win for showing up and being popular or looking good. You devote your early years to a single thing, and you practice. And practice. And when you think you’re good you don’t stop, you keep practicing. in other words, you work. And you earn it.

So, why aren’t there, to be crude, a few ugly women in the competition?

Here is my heretical suggestion: Maybe beauty doesn’t lead to success as the PC crowd would have us believe.

Maybe, just maybe, success leads to beauty. Maybe being happy, confident, competent, and national (if not international) champions fills the body with whatever mix of chemicals are necessary to mold a woman’s features into one of the many forms we’d describe as beautiful.

Just a thought. Don’t hate me for saying it.