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The Dance of the Revolving Door

It happened again today. A major news outlet had an employee broadcast their anti-conservative bias.

As so often happens in these cases, the offender was fired by the end of the day. As almost universally happens, such people are quickly and quietly hired by some other news outfit or liberal bastion.

We may not know for sure in this case because the mistake (i.e. being caught) was seen on MSNBC’s main twitter feed, so the author’s name is, as yet, unknown. In fact, we have only MSNBC’s word that a person was fired.

David Chalain, the Washington rep for Yahoo News, was fired a couple years back for being high-profile while making a tasteless and biased joke about Mitt and Anne Romney. He kept his job teaching ‘journalism’ at Georgetown, and was hired by Politico less than 2 months later.

Remember, his crime (offense, really) was not being biased, it was being recognized as biased. But a short hiatus from the spotlight and a change of publisher, aided by the notoriously-short memory of the American public solves his problem for him.

Whoever today’s tweeter was, their punishment can reliably be tallied as a month of vacation and a new job.

Sometimes it’s very discouraging to struggle against media bias knowing that for every mole that gets whacked, they’ll be back at it before their next car payment is due.


The Blacklist

Hollywood types love to make hay out of the Blacklist they endured during the McCarthy period. But it’s amazing how rigidly they enforce their own Blacklist against anyone who dares to deviate from their hive-mind.

Maria Chonchita Alonso is the latest target