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Black Thursday?

I suppose this has been talked about for a while, but just noticed an ad for a store that will begin its black friday sales on Thursday evening. I’m disgusted enough by the mad, rude crush of shoppers on Friday, Now the stores are being rude to their employees.

I hereby vow that no store which opens for business on Thanksgiving will receive my business for an entire year.



Recycled Ads

Recycled Ads.

Recycled Ads

It’s November, so it’s time to rev up all the Christmas ads to spend big bucks on your lady. Then 2 months of ads for Valentine’s day. Then a short gap before the blitz of Mother;s Day ads.

In short, here begins the 6 straight months of ads reminding use that ‘Every kiss begins with Kaye’.

And so, the annual repetition of my promise to some day open a store called BJ Jewelry.