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Premature Ejusticlation

We seem to have forgotten how this whole justice process is supposed to go.

1) something bad happens

2) Police determine if it’s a crime

3) Police ‘solve’ the crime by building a case against a suspect

4) A prosecutor presents that evidence in court hoping to convict the suspect

5) A convicted person can appeal to try to overturn the conviction.

But instead, we’ve come to think of it like this

1) Something bad happens, and everybody hears about it (thank you 24-hour news cycle)

2) Everybody wonders and speculates who might be responsible

3) We ask each other, ‘why haven’t the police arrested that guy yet?’

4) Once they are arrested, we act as though they have been convicted, and anything other than a prison sentence is a miscarriage of justice

5) Having lost any sense of the possibility for error or rehabilitation, any successful appeal or early release from prison is seen as a failure of the system

And the best part…all of these opinions, and actions based on them, are by people who will do anything to avoid jury duty.



Remember, as people protest, and worse, the Zimmerman verdict, that it was NBC news that edited the tape of the 911 call, convicting Zimmerman before his name or face were even known. Every drop of blood that spills can be laid at their door.