Let’s hark back to the election of 2008.

The community organizer had a huge cadre of foot soldiers in the form of ACORN employees. In the months before the election they were paid to fill out as many voter registrations as possible (for many of several reasons, mostly nefarious). Then on election day, at least where I voted, they were out handing out snacks to voters waiting in line. Oh, and in some places they were waving night-sticks and intimidating voters-but our AG says that’s legal if you’re a minority.

Have we seen those foot soldiers this year? Oh I know, ACORN got various criminal charges and slunk away, but it re-formed and is still out there.

So where are the foot soldiers?

I expect to see them on election day. I expect to see them at heavily republican polling places. I expect huge numbers of them to be standing in line, moving slowly, wasting poll-workers time looking up phony names, then ‘leaving’ only to get back in line

And that is the best case scenario in which they don’t set about committing voter fraud or voter intimidation.

My advice: vote days early then spend 11/6 near a polling place, with a video camera and lots of batteries.

Be ready, if and when the foot soldiers show up.