If you like a bit of mockery with your political news, you might have seen this link, wherein press secretary Jay Carney attempts to use a bible quote to bolster the President’s redistributive policies.

Here’s the link. When you’re done laughing, come on back, we’ll talk.


Two sentences
1) the Lord helps whose who help themselves
2) [boiled down to remove the hemming and hawing] The President wants [us] to help people.

Now, those who like to poke at sentiment that Obama is seen as a Messiah might see this as fodder. But I see something quite different. The would-be recipients of Obama’s enforced largess are, for the most part, decidedly not helping themselves.

Even before the economy was totally crashing we had able-bodied people mystically staying unemployed for 99 weeks. Then, surprise, they get motivated to actually find a job, even if it is ‘beneath them’ just when their unemployment benefits run out.

Unemployment, welfare, WIC, medicare, school lunch programs, etc. There’s lots of programs for big or niche needs. And people who get on one or more of them have a disincentive to get off of them. Quite simply, if they up their income the first chunk of the new cash will go to replacing the loss of free the government was giving them.

So some people find ways to stay under the thresholds for being removed from the programs, and work around the system.

Obama’s solution to this problem: just give them more stuff.

I certainly hope his daughters never need a parent capable of tough love–he clearly doesn’t have it in him.

This is not divine assistance. It is a siren song of destruction for anyone ‘lucky’ enough to receive this help.