What ever happened to the hole in the ozone layer?
Remember late ’70s early ’80s. The hole was growing and the earth was going to fry. It was all because of the CFCs. We had to retool deodorants, refrigerants, and all kinds of things.
And we did exactly what the environmentalists asked. So what happened to the hole? There’s been no news coverage to speak of.
Now I figure, if the hole had closed we’d have been pretty happy. Humans recognize a problem with the planet, diagnose the cause, and fix it. Pretty sure there would have been a freaky-big parade.
I’m also pretty sure we didn’t lose the technology to study the hole.
So the only option remaining is that the hole is still there. It wasn’t caused by CFCs and we didn’t fix it with all our efforts.
Well that’s an embarrassing result isn’t it? It doesn’t really inspire confidence when those same environmentalists tell us the globe is warming and we have to totally retool our economy on nothing more than their say-so.
No thanks. I won’t be panicking. Not this time.